Aimee Juarez


Aimee Juarez has always had a penchant for history, investigative research, mysticism, lore, spirituality, and the paranormal. Born and raised in sunny South Florida, Aimee grew up dreaming of faraway cities in times long past while harboring a curiosity for things that go bump in the night.

She began her writing career in 2001 as a stringer in Miami. In the years that followed, Aimee worked as a print journalist and freelance writer. In 2013, she turned to fiction and began writing her debut novel, The Sitting Room, the first book in her Society of Psychical Studies series. She published the novel three years later through the imprint she founded, Bayley Street Press.

A member of the Authors Guild, Aimee earned a bachelor’s degree in journalism, with minors in British literature and psychology, and a master’s degree in business at two South Florida universities.