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The Sitting Room by Aimee Juarez

The Sitting Room (Society of Psychical Studies, Book I)

The Sitting Room

Society of Psychical Studies Series | Book I

After two years of study abroad, Doctor David Gosfield returns to his native London to teach psychology and psychiatrics at Johns College when he meets and falls in love with Adele Ledford, a beautiful, young lady who possesses the gift of second sight. Despite Adele’s reluctance to embrace her mediumistic abilities, it is through her enhanced perception that she learns about the shadow figure tormenting David, who has been plagued by violent nightmares and odd scratches since his return home. When David heads to a house in Clerkenwell to investigate claims of mediumship on behalf of the college’s new Society of Psychical Studies, Adele has no choice but to face her fears and confront the malevolent entity before it makes good on its threat… to destroy her newfound love there.

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Written by Aimee Juarez
Published September 4, 2016, by Bayley Street Press
ISBN 978-0-9965749-1-4 (paperback) • ISBN 978-0-9965749-0-7 (ebook)
ISBN 978-1976506567 (paperback, print on demand)
Genre: Occult & Supernatural, Historical Romance, Magical Realism

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the-sitting-room Overall rating: 5 out of 5 based on 4 reviews.

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Loved it!

5 5 1
This is the first book in The Society for Psychical Studies series and it’s great. It’s set in the 1800s in London, and is about Dr. David Gosfield (a medical doctor doing research into psychical matters) and Adele Ledford (a psychic and the niece of a famous illusionist). I love the use of the time period (and how that adds conflict for their unconventional relationship) and the inclusion of the fascination with mystical and spiritual practices at the time (loved it!). I gave the book 5 stars and look forward to reading the next one.

An Excellent Read!

5 5 1
I thoroughly enjoyed this book! Easy to read. Hard to put down. The characters were well developed and the story line was engaging from beginning to end. Can't wait to read the next book in the series!!

Five Stars

5 5 1
Handsome Dr. David Gosfield has returned to London after a two-year tenure studying abroad in Boston. He’s set to teach psychology and psychiatry at Johns College, and has also been elected to head up the college’s new Society of Psychical Studies program. Despite his excitement at being back home and reunited with his sister, Emma, and her husband, David is plagued by head pain that attacks his left temple, vivid nightmares and inexplicable scratches on his body that are, at times, excruciatingly painful. Shortly after his arrival at Johns College, David is befriended by Teddy, another professor, which eventually leads him to a meeting later that evening at the theatre with Teddy’s fiancée and her sister, the beautiful Adele Ledford. David is immediately smitten by Adele and the feeling is mutual. However, unbeknownst to David, Adele possesses the gift of second sight and immediately senses a malevolent shadow over him. Using the willing Teddy as their go-between, David and Adele arrange clandestine meetings in the park and, as their relationship blossoms into love, Adele confides in David her psychic abilities and how those abilities drove away her former fiancé. What makes The Sitting Room particularly appealing, in addition to it obviously being well-written, is the author’s choice of setting and subject matter which really give the story its ‘grit’, if you will. Set in Victorian England, the story perfectly captures the important social mores of the time when appearances were everything, yet ironically enough, David works in a field of medicine not typically discussed in ‘polite society’ while Adele, although gifted with second sight, is encouraged by her family to keep her shameful abilities a secret if she’s ever to land herself a good husband. What is also brilliantly captured by author Aimee Juarez is the fact that although the Victorian era was a period of deep religious revival, it was also a time of belief in supernatural forces, energies and spooky phenomena, to the point where holding seances for the rich became a cottage industry and where those who claimed psychical abilities straddled a fine line between lunacy and having an inexplicable gift. The somewhat depressing subject matter is, however, nicely balanced by the tender love between the two main protagonists that gently flourishes, thanks to the resourcefulness of the young lovers and the willingness of the affable Teddy to act as their go-between. The character of Adele is especially appealing. At a time when a well-heeled young woman’s purpose in life was to make a good marriage, bear many children and do nothing more substantial than ensuring that her many children are taught proper moral values, Adele is different and it’s her very difference that gives her such appeal. She takes David’s illness head on and, as the story unfolds, we see her grow and become more assertive, rather than the passive young woman on the brink of becoming an old maid due to her so-called mental infirmity. If you love a good romance with substance that goes above and beyond your typical bodice-ripping romp, or enjoy stories about the paranormal, then The Sitting Room by Aimee Juarez is the perfect book for you!

I love stories that involved two things...

5 5 1
I love stories that involved two things: well developed characters and anything paranormal. Aimee Juarez's first book (in a series) was an easy read for me. Sometimes when books are too involved or complicated, it turns me off from the story, but that's my personal opinion. Aimee's book kept me interested and I found it hard to put the book down. I look forward to more books in this series as now that I have read the first book, I wonder if she will continue the story with these characters that I've grown to like. I felt that her description of Victorian Era London were spot on and helped me picture the characters, their settings and the story very well in my head as I read the story.